The History Of Trader Bots

How Did We Get Started In Algorithmic Trading?

The original algorithms behind our machine learning system were actually built for a game around 1995. The algorithm showed how artificial life could evolve and develop interesting and effective solutions.

A few years later, our founder became interested in stock trading. He used charts to detect when stocks were overbought or oversold. He saw patterns that would manifest, and he profited from them. The stock market became a giant ATM.

Being technically driven eliminated the emotional herd mind-set other traders suffered from. He bought when others were too scared, and sold when everyone was caught up in bullish euphoria.

After an early bad trade, he understood the importance of managing risk. That's why we focus not only on increasing profits, but managing risk. This focus on risk allows us to sleep stress-free at night.

It was only a matter of time, before he realized that his passions in machine learning and artificial intelligence could be used to improve his trading. He could save tons of time automating the analysis he did manually. Also, the algorithms he originally used in his artificial intelligence could invent new and better strategies.

Trader Bots was spawned out of the love of Computer Science and Stock Trading.

What emerged was sophisticated technology that analyzes data, discovers patterns and evolves trading systems.

How Did The Website Get Started?

How the website got started was an odd series of events.

After getting an IPhone, one of our developers decided it would be useful to get daily email reports to his phone. He started emailing daily results to his phone via Google Groups.

Old Google Groups Stock Report
This is one of our original Google Groups summary stock reports.

He told some friends, and they also signed up to receive the reports. His friends found the reports useful, and they started telling others. Soon random people would try to join the group.

We enjoyed seeing our friends make money using our service, but they sometimes felt the reports were a little too technical and complex. As a result, we simplified the reports into simple buy/sell signals.

Old Google Groups Stock Report
The simplified email reports.

After some time, we eventually built a simple web-interface to our trading systems. That's how Trader Bots got started.

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