A Quick Tutorial on our Stock Predictions

What are these Stock Predictions?

At Trader Bots, we have several trading systems that are trading each stock using various technical analysis indicators and algorithms. After factoring in the performance of each trading system, our trading systems vote on the direction of each stock.

We then take the results of the voting, and create a stock prediction. The predictions range from Strong Bullish (an indicator that the stock will go up), to Strong Bearish (an indicator that the stock will go down).

Why do we use this technique?

Instead of simply relying on a single technical indicator, we use a collection of technical indicators and algorithms. This allows us to see if the various technical indicators that traders use confirm or contradict each other. Through this technique, we are able to create a more powerful stock prediction.

How to use the Stock Predictions?

Our stock predictions are broken up into an overall, short-term, medium-term, and long-term prediction. There can be many creative ways people will discover on how to use each stock prediction. The following is how interpret the stock predictions.

Overall Stock Prediction - As a trader, we mainly use this stock prediction to confirm a general trend. Similar to how you wouldn't want to try to catch a falling knife (you might grab the handle or you might grab the blade), we wouldn't want to buy a stock that is still trending down, or short a stock that is trending up.

Short-Term Stock Prediction - We use this for very short-term trades. If we see a stock change its short-term trend, we might be inclined to jump in for a trade lasting one to three days.

Medium-Term Stock Prediction - We use these predictions to enter longer-term trades usually lasting one to two weeks or longer. We usually balance this with stop-loss orders to lock in our gains.

Longer-Term Stock Prediction - Similar to "Overall" Stock Predictions, we use this as a confirmation of the general trend of a stock.


We hope this helps explain how our stock predictions work. Contact us if you have any more questions.

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