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Prediction for Royal Bank Of Canada (RY) How do I use these predictions?

Short-term: Neutral - 5/14/2013
Medium-term: Neutral - 5/24/2013
Long-term: Neutral - 5/24/2013
Predictions are not intraday, but longer-term trends.

Past Predictions for Royal Bank Of Canada (RY)

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We current limit results to the last 20 stock predictions.

Stock Expert Predictions for Royal Bank Of Canada (RY)

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None are confident.
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Predictions for Royal Bank Of Canada (RY)

This section shows a quick summary of the overall sentiment for Royal Bank Of Canada based on how our trading systems are trading the stock. The ratings are: Strong Bullish, Bullish, Neutral, Bearish, Strong Bearish.

Bullish means we think the stock price will move higher. Bearish means we think the stock price will move lower.

The Stock Chart

Here we provide you an interactive chart of the price history for each stock.

Past Predictions

Past predictions allow you to analyze our historical predictions for each stock. You can see when and if our predictions are getting more bullish or bearish. You can also use the stock chart to see how you might use our predictions to trade the stock.

Stock Expert Predictions

We show a handful of trading systems and their current predictions on each stock. The confidence meter shows how confident we are in each system's predictions. More confidence bars the better.

Some trading systems have a magnifying glass beside them meaning you can drill deeper into the system.

A Quick Summary on our Methodology

The stock analysis for Royal Bank Of Canada (RY) is based on the analysis and stock picks of our best trading systems. By aggregating the opinions and predictions of our best trading systems (trading bots), we come up with a general prediction. Each individual trading system may employ various techniques such as advanced technical analysis, custom screeners, back testing, sentiment analysis, breakout predictors, neuro-evolution, artificial intelligence (AI), momentum detection, and other techniques and strategies to best manage and hedge a portfolio.

Even though we provide this analysis on a per stock basis, it may prove more effective to track the predictions of an individual trading system instead of the collective analysis of all our trading systems. Our trading systems are mechanical, automated and highly quantitative.